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Virtual Status Zone IT Company in Georgia, Tbilisi


Virtual Zone Person IT Company in Georgia

Do you have IT Company and IT business? Would you like to sell online worldwide your IT products and software in tax free regime? This great offer in Georgia is for you!
Georgia is popular place to do a business because of its simplified proceedings for company incorporation and tax regulations. Georgia is located in a trade strategic area between Asia and Europe and is a very attractive destination, to live, do business or both. Besides it has proven itself to be a corruption-free destination. In Georgia there are the comparatively low cost of electricity and there is a good standing and stable banking system. Besides you may enjoy all benefits of doing business in or via Georgia without the necessity to stay or come to Georgia. Based on "Ease of Doing Business" report by World Bank Georgia is on 7th position in Top 10 countries worldwide out of 190 for ease of doing business.
One benefit provided by the Georgian tax legislation for both the local and foreign IT business sector is a company that is called a special status company, that is called “Virtual Zone Entity”. Ministry of Finance of Georgia defines activities that are allowed in Virtual Zone: “process of research, development, support, design, production and implementation of computer and information systems; as a result, various software products are in place”.
Based on the above definition any web-based product/services produced and delivered by a Georgian virtual zone entity can be considered an “information technologies activity”. 
Profit generated by a Virtual Zone Entity (VZE) from the supply of information technology services outside Georgia is exempted from taxation in Georgia.

Tax benefits of having Georgian Virtual Zone Status:

  • The income of a VZE is exempt from VAT (18%) and corporate income tax (15%) if the company provides its services to foreign customers located outside Georgia
  • In case of dividends payment (to a physical person or non-resident legal entity shareholder), the only Georgian tax on dividends payable is rated at 5% and is paid by the company to the state budget at the moment of dividends payment. Dividends distributed in Georgia to a Georgian shareholder will not be included in the taxable base of such a person. If dividends are paid to a foreign shareholder, then the taxation of such a shareholder in the country of its tax residency shall be analyzed with the consideration of provisions of double tax treaty of the relevant country with Georgia (if any). If income of Virtual Zone Entity is distributed not in the form of standard dividends but in another way described by law regulations, then the 5% withholding tax in Georgia will not be paid and there will be no taxation in Georgia at all(!)
  • The director of the Virtual Zone Person or Virtual Zone Company can be either a Georgian or foreign person who can be physically located either in Georgia or abroad and can manage the company´s activities and corporate bank account by internet and mobile banking
  • There is no law requirement to keep employed staff in Georgia, except for the company`s director.


Our services

Thus if you are interested in setting up an IT company in Georgia and you are a seeker of special status for your company, that is called “Virtual Zone Entity” you are exactly on the right place to apply for. You can get in touch with our professional consultants in Tbilisi to apply for a Virtual Zone Status. 

We will be happy to provide all necessary support with respect to the establishment and maintenance of a virtual zone entity in Georgia, including accounting and tax consultancy services, as well as client representation with state authorities and banks. We will make the process relatively easier for you by offering you maximum assistance, support and advice during the application process. We will manage all the paperwork related to company incorporation (if you are interested to incorporate a new company) and application for special status for your company, in order you can enjoy all the aforementioned benefits.

After submission of the application for “Virtual Zone Entity”, the Status is granted by the LEPL Financial Analytical Service within 5 working days and applicant will receive an electronic certificate to confirm that the status is granted. It should be noted that The Status of the Virtual Zone is permanent. After getting Virtual Zone Person status, the company is enjoying considerable tax benefits.

Our fees of IT Virtual Zone Status LLC Company  

IT Virtual Zone Status LLC Company with legal address in Tbilisi, Georgia - the client is present in Tbilisi, Georgia - EURO 1.100 / one time fee

IT Virtual Zone Status LLC Company with legal address in Tbilisi, Georgia - buying of the company remotely with Power of Attorney - the client is not present in Tbilisi, Georgia - EURO 1.300 / one time fee
Optionally you can order with every ready made company Active Corporate IBAN Bank Account (EURO USD and GEL) EURO 200 / one time fee
What is included:

1. The Virtual Zone Company is exempted from VAT (18%) and Corporate Income Tax (15%)  if the company provides service abroad
2. The Virtual Zone Company LTD company with full set of company cetificates in English and Georgian
3. Registration of "IT" Virtual Zone Status with digital licence in Georgian obtained within 30 days from the company registration
4. Digital Company incorporation certificate in English and Georgian
5. Registred legal address in Tbilisi for 12 months
6. Tax registration of the company with Revenue Service office
7. Fully paid all registration authority, administrative and notary fees


If you you are interested in readymade IT company registered in Georgia or you need to incorporate a new LLC company in Georgia with the virtual office service, we can help you to get a Status of Virtual Zone Person within 48 hours and to enjoy this innovation, attractive environment and favorable tax regime in Georgia.


How to buy Ready Made Company with Virtual Zone Status with us

To order and buy a company remotely, please send us on email info@virtualzone.ge following information:

1. A copy of the passport of the director and partner of the company
2. Data for issuing an invoice (company payer)
3. Contact email for the company certificate (or we will give you access to an existing email)
4. Desired company name - if you want to change existing ready made company name (or you can keep the existing one)

We will start immediately process of on boarding, prepare all necesarry documents once we will recieve your payment proof. Afterwards we will wait for Power of Attorney and copy of passport with Apostille / Legalization. More information about the process of legaliyation / apostilling in your country please read here >>


Georgian Virtual Zone Status lincense give new opportunities for IT companies and it is becoming interesting especially for international clients. You can call us for more information 7 days a week on (+995) 555 940 077.